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Monday Morning Coffee News

Happy Monday guys! Here’s what’s going on in the wonderful world of coffee:

Due to unfavorable weather conditions in Brazil, we’re looking down the barrel of a coffee shortage. Experts are saying this will either lead to higher coffee prices or lower quality coffee – both options make me sad.

If you had no idea Brazil was a prime coffee growing location, you are not alone. A survey done by Zagat determined that 60% of coffee drinkers neither know nor care where their coffee beans come from – kind of embarrassed to say I can be counted in that number.

Worried about what the shortage could mean for your daily caffeine fix? Why not switch to caffeinated teas instead.  Zest Tea Company makes teas with more caffeine than your average cup of joe – I’m not going to lie, I am very curious about this and may order a tin myself.

On the health front, studies have shown coffee to help reduce inflammation, caffeinated or not – just another fun little fact I can cling to when people tell me I should cut down on my coffee consumption.

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