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Monday Morning Coffee News

Happy Monday to you my friends! Here’s a recap of what happened last week in the fascinating world of coffee:

 The time we knew would come has arrived; due to the recent drought in Brazil the price of coffee has risen 94% to $2.144 a pound. – This is gonna hit me where it hurts; in my pocket book.

 When it rains it pours. In the wake of the droughts that brought on the coffee shortage, experts are now saying the region may soon be seeing rain. Too much rain, which they say will be even more hurtful for the future of the crops. – I’m really feeling for these poor farmers, they just can’t seem to catch a break, can they?

  Small coffee farmers may soon have a new avenue of revenue for their coffee crops.  A Seattle company, CF Global, has come up with the brilliant idea of making and marketing Coffee Flour, flour made from pulp that’s usually discarding from the coffee cherry in the process of extracting the bean – I LOVE this idea and plan to follow the company’s progress.

 When it comes to health, coffee has shown itself to be a boon once again. Studies have shown that drinking more coffee may lead to a decreased chance of type 2 diabetes –  Three cheers for the awesome powers of coffee!

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