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Monday Morning Coffee News

Happy Monday! Last week in coffee: The International Space Station got an espresso machine, Starbucks announced the addition of the S’more Frappuccino to their menu, Counting Sheep Coffee, the coffee that actually helps you fall asleep, launched a Kickstarter campaign, and CaféPay™ is pushing technology that allows users to pay for coffee with their cup.

Last week, The International Space Station (ISS) got a special delivery of supplies – including an espresso machine specially designed by Italian aerospace company Argotec and Lavazza, an Italian coffee company. The machine, called the ISSpresso (get it? clever) works similar to a Keurig in that it uses individual pods loaded into the machine (doesn’t have to be coffee, can be tea or broth or other consumables in pods). A water pouch is connected to the machine and the water is then aspirated, pressurized, and heated to steam that is then pushed through the pod and into pouches. Since the individual capsules being used are all packaged separately, there are some concerns about the amount of trash that may be produced. Also included in with the ISSpresso machine delivery were six final prototypes of a coffee cup that can used by astronauts to sip their espresso in space (you may remember me mentioning the cups back in February – they’re shaped somewhat like futuristic baby-booties with a handle on the side and cost $500 dollars to make out of plastic using a 3-D printer). – Right now this is just an experimental project, but I hope it goes well; everyone deserves a good cup of coffee, especially our brave and hard-working astronauts, and the folks at Lavazza make a very nice espresso.

Starbucks announced their plan to add a S’more Frappaccino to their menu for a limited time starting next Tuesday (April 28th). This new Frappaccino creation sounds like a s’more lovers dream: “The layered beverage starts with marshmallow-infused whipped cream and milk chocolate sauce; adds a creamy blend of graham, coffee, milk and ice; and is finished off with marshmallow whipped cream and a graham cracker crumble.” You’ll also be able to find single serve Bottled Frappuccino S’mores in the grocery aisle- This sounds amazing. I am so there (marking my calender as we speak).

Counting Sheep Coffee, the makers of a decaffeinated coffee made with a natural sedative (Valerian root) designed to help you relax and fall asleep (the company created some buzz back in January), has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help them boost production and get on grocery store shelves. 

Speaking of interesting Kickstarter campaigns, frank green CaféPay™ has launched one to help them bring “the love of coffee into the 21st century by activating the frank green SmartCup™ payment and rewards technology”. CaféPay™ is an app which allows for pre-orders, payment, beverage gifting, and loyalty awards at your favorite cafe. The SmartCup™ is a reusable coffee cup with CaféPay™ technology built into the lid. It all sounds pretty interesting.

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