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Happy Monday! Here’s what’s been going on in coffee news these past 2 weeks: Starbucks introduced new mini-sized Frappuccinos, Keurig announced they’ll be releasing a reusable coffee filter compatible with their 2.0 brewers, and THC-infused coffee pods are hitting the market. Also, the creators of the Space Cup, used by espresso-drinking astronauts aboard the International Space Station, launched a Kickstarter campaign offering backers a chance to get their hands on one of there own.

Starbucks is once again listening to customer suggestions left on My Starbucks Idea. This time the request was for smaller beverage sizes (really?). Starting May 11, for a limited time and as long as supplies last, all flavors of Frappuccinos will be available in a mini 10 ounce size at participating Starbucks stores in the U.S. and Canada. – I saw these at my local Starbucks and they are adorably tiny, and, I think, a great option for those who are aware that Frappuccinos aren’t exactly part of a healthy diet but have found themselves addicted to the new S’mores flavor (stop looking at me like that, they’re delicious >_>).

You may remember back in February when Keurig Green Mountain announced their slightly disappointing fiscal first quarter results for 2015. There was speculation that the addition of DRM technology to the company’s new Keurig 2.0 brewer, which only allowed the usage of licensed K-Cups sold by the company and it’s partners, may have been the reason for the low sales. Now, after the release of the company’s fiscal second quarter results sited a 23% decline in sales of brewers and accessories, Keurig’s CEO, Brian Kelley, has announced plans to bring back My K-Cup reusable coffee filters that are compatible with their 2.0 brewers by the holiday season, allowing consumers to use any brand coffee they want with their Keurig brewers. – They’re a little late to the party; I bought an Eco-Fill Keurig 2.0 compatible reusable filter from Target months ago.

News sites have been buzzing this week with talk of THC-infused coffee pods and K-cups. Jennifer Lanzador, sales manager at Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop said in a recent interview “I liken it to a Red Bull and vodka. I had more energy, but I still had the relaxation you get from cannabis.” House of Jane is another a popular retailer of cannabis coffee, check out their promotional video below:

R. Jenson and M. Weislogel, the creators of the Space Cup currently used by espresso-drinking astronauts aboard the International Space Station, launched a Kickstarter campaign last week. The goal is to make functional glass versions of the Space Cup. Backer rewards include badges, 3D-printed mini-cup key chains (awesome), and a chance to own a functional glass Space Cup of your own (very awesome). See the video below for more information:


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