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[Book Review] Pure Blooded By Amanda Carlson & Coffee Works Witch’s Brew

Pure Blooded By Amanda CarlsonTitle: Pure Blooded
Series/Universe: Jessica McClain #5
Author: Amanda Carlson
Publisher: Orbit Books/Hachette Book Group
Publication date: June 16th 2015
Page Count: 320 pages
Age Rating: Adult (semi-explicit sexual scenes, blood, violence)
How I got my hot little hands on it: Received an ARC to review
Publisher’s page: Pure Blooded

The fifth Jessica McClain novel — a fast-paced and irresistibly sexy urban fantasy series reminiscent of Kelley Armstrong.

Nowhere left to run.

Back from Hell, Jessica arrives to find her world thrown into chaos. Her father is fighting a losing battle against the Made wolves, and when Jessica and her crew rush to his aid, they discover the war is not as straightforward as it seems. Something larger is on the hunt, something ancient and powerful that won’t rest until Jessica is dead. Now Jessica’s plan of attack must change — but how can she defeat someone who can predict her every move?

My Review

Since coming into her birthright as the only female werewolf in existence and reincarnation of a powerful Lycan ancestor, Jessica McClain’s had to save her mate from his evil Lunar Goddess ex-girlfriend, find a way to forge alliances with members of various supernatural sects who see her as a threat to their power, and gone to the Underworld to rescue her kidnapped brother. Along the way she’s amassed an interesting, diverse crew made of werewolves, a werecat, a vampire, a reaper/vampire hybrid, and a witch.

In Pure Blooded, the fifth book in the Jessica McClain series, Jessica and her team, fresh from their adventures in Hell, travel to the Florida Everglades to meet up with her father and Pack to assist them in their struggles against a fracture pack who are aided by an extremely powerful voodoo priestess ally. While this is all going on, Jessica’s actions from her time in the Underworld catch up to her, earning her a potent new enemy.

While this book was non-stop action from beginning to end, it felt like a transition book, like all the events within unfolded to set up a big battle coming up in the next book – in fact we don’t even meet the new enemy, she’s only spoken of and feared from afar. It was still a great book, and I especially loved how Marcy, the adorably quirky witch who’s been underused until now, was given such a prominent place in the action this time around – she kicked butt and was still cute while she was just throwing powerful magic every which way and pretty much saving the day.

I hesitate to say this book can be read as a standalone. While past events from the last four books are referenced, no real details are given – it’s just enough to give past readers a reminder, but not enough to piece together the whole picture.

I’m still really digging this series. Each book just draws me more and more into Jessica McClain’s world, new allies and new villains are constantly being added each book (this book was no different) and there’s never a dull moment. All in all, a fantastic Urban Fantasy series with extraordinary, strong female characters that I can’t get enough of.

Marcy Talbot was without a doubt the MVP of Pure Blooded, casting spells and brewing potions that saved the day. She’s come a long way from the early days of the series, when she was unsure of herself and had an unfortunate habit of misfiring spells when the pressure was on – now she’s the team’s biggest asset in battle. To celebrate how far Marcy has come, I’m recommending Coffee Works Witch’s Brew – a great dark roast coffee with a smooth, full-bodied flavor.

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