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Monday Morning Coffee News

Happy Monday! Here’s what’s been going on with coffee lately: Starbucks expands the availability of their Cold Brew coffee, J. M. Smucker announced coffee price decrease, and MoJoe Brewing Co. launches a giveaway for one of their soon to be available mobile coffee makers.

Starbucks has announced they’ll be expanding their small-batch Cold Brew coffee to participating stores across the U.S and Canada as a core menu item (you may have seen their new, frequently aired commercials ūüėČ ). You may remember back in March when I first posted about the launch of Starbucks’¬†Cold Brew coffee and tried¬†to figure out the logistics of how they would be going about making it – I had postulated¬†huge batches brewed on a staggered schedule to keep up with demand, or jugs of pre-made cold coffee concentrate being shipped in. Turns out I was wrong on both accounts. Baristas at participating Starbucks stores freshly grind Starbucks¬ģ Cold Brew Blend coffee (a coffee created specifically for the cold brew method) and steep it in cold water for 20 hrs (the amount of time determined by Starbucks’ R & D team for¬†achieving optimal flavor) to¬†make small batches of Cold Coffee concentrate, which are then¬†“topped of”¬†with water and ice before serving.

Around this time last year, J.M. Smucker, the company under which Folgers and Dunkin’ Donuts¬†coffee are sold, announced a 9% price increase for¬†packaged bags of its coffee sold through grocery and retail stores (K-cups and bags sold through Dunkin‚Äô Donuts stores were not affected). Now, the same company is announcing an average of 6% decrease in price. Again the price change is for most packaged Folgers and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee products, including canisters of Folgers ground coffee, but excludes K-cups and¬†Dunkin’ Donuts coffee or other products for sale in Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants.

Mojoe, a personal mobile coffee brewer from MoJoe Brewing Co., is set to ship this¬†August with a planned relaunch through Kickstarter in September. Mojoe is a completely self-contained travel-sized, mobile brewer that works at the touch of a button – just add water (any temperature) and your own¬†coffee grounds (or loose tea if that’s your kind of thing). The mobile brewer can be¬†powered by plugging it into a wall outlet, a car outlet, or by a removable rechargeable battery – making it perfect for taking it absolutely anywhere. The company is hosting a giveaway through their website for a chance to own one of the first mojoe mobile brewers hot off the production line – I’ve already entered ;), for your chance go here:¬†

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