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Happy Monday! Some interesting coffee stuff that’s been happening: A new study demonstrated drinking coffee disrupts the body’s natural circadian rhythm, while another study found no link between coffee consumption and an increased risk of atrial fibrillation. Also a Kansas City company made a special blend of coffee for the Pope’s  U.S. visit, Whole Foods Markets 25¢ coffee is coming to an end, Starbucks adds new Toasted Graham Latte to their menu, and macchiatos can now be found at Dunkin Donuts.

Researchers recently conducted a 2 part experiment looking at the effect of caffeine on the human circadian clock (your body’s internal 24 hr rhythm). The first part of the experiment involved taking 5 people and placing them in controlled conditions for 49 days while giving them various treatments before bed of a double espresso caffeine dose, exposure to light, or a placebo. Results indicated that the caffeine delayed the participants internal clock by approx. 40 minutes. The second part of the experiment looked at cultured cells and determined caffeine directly acts on a receptor involved in the signalling pathway that controls the body’s internal clock. These results reinforced what we already know about avoiding coffee at night, but also show promise for using caffeine in cases where someone’s internal clock may need resetting, like with jet lag.

To determine if coffee consumption affects the risk of developing AF (atrial fibrillation – an abnormal heart rhythm) a research team looked at the coffee consumption of 41,881 men and 34,594 woman over a 12 year period and cross-referenced it with incidents of AF cases within the two groups. Analysis of the data obtained showed no evidence that coffee consumption was associated with increased risk of AF, but  future studies are still needed.

Everyone was buzzing with the arrival of the Pope last week. One lucky coffee company owner, Tracy Allen, owner of Brewed Behavior in Kansas City, Missouri, was given the opportunity to put together a special blend of coffee just for the Pope’s U.S. visit. How did all this come about? Apparently Brewed Behavior has an office in Italy, which happens to share a space with workers who make Nespresso machines, and when Nespresso machines were being installed in the Vatican somebody put in a good word and soon Allen was getting a call from the Pope’s people.

September 30th marks the end of 25¢ coffee at Whole Foods Market’s. From Sept. 9 – 30th, the store offered all 12-ounce brewed cups of coffee at their coffee bars for only a quarter as part of their “Love Fest” customer appreciation promotion. – So sad to see this end 🙁

Recently Starbucks added its first new autumn espresso beverage in four years to it’s menu in Starbucks stores across the U.S. and Canada. The new drink is called the Toasted Graham Latte and is described by Starbucks beverage R&D manager Yoke Wong as “an espresso beverage with steamed milk, flavors of graham and sweet cream and finished with a sprinkling of cinnamon graham crumbles.” – This sounds amazing.

Watch out now, Dunkin Donuts is getting fancy. You can now order a macchiato, hot or iced, at your local Dunkin Donuts. With the unveiling of the new permanent addition to Dunkin’ Donuts’ menu of classic espresso selections comes the introduction of a limited time fall flavor – Pumpkin Macchiato. Also available hot or iced, the new beverage is described as “a handcrafted, layered espresso beverage made with steamed milk and pumpkin flavored swirl, then topped with a double shot of Dunkin’ Donuts’ rich, freshly-brewed espresso.” – So many fall flavors, so little time!

***Note: Don’t forget tomorrow is National Coffee Day and I’ll be posting freebies and deals as I find them***

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