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[Book Review] And Everything Nice By Mary Leo & Door County Coffee Cranberry Creme Flavored Coffee

And Everything Nice By Mary LeoTitle: And Everything Nice
Series/Universe: Snowed In & Snuggled Up  Holiday Collection Book 3
Author: Mary Leo
Publisher: Pryde Multimedia
Publication date: October 29th 2015
Page Count: 114 pages
Age Rating: Adult (language and explicit sexual scenes)
How I got my hot little hands on it: Received a copy to review
Publisher’s page: And Everything Nice

All Hamilton Winchester ever wanted was Gaby Venti, but Gaby Venti never wanted to be tied down to any man . . . especially a man from Plymouth Rock, Colorado, the hometown she left behind. But when she finds herself snowed in by a force of nature, she quickly learns that Hamilton Winchester isn’t just ‘any man,’ and Plymouth Rock means more to her than simply the ‘town she left behind.’

My Review

The Winchester brothers are still dealing with the hole left in their family by the death of their beloved Grandpa Win almost 5 years ago. In the Snowed In & Snuggled Up Holiday Collection, the three semi-estranged brothers return to their hometown of Plymouth Rock, Colorado during the Thanksgiving holiday to make a decision regarding the family cabin left to them by their grandfather. While in town, each brother encounters a lost love and gets a second chance at happiness with help from the spirit of their dearly departed grandpa and a well-timed avalanche.

Hamilton Winchester is the youngest of the Winchester brothers and it’s his idea, along with a little push from his no-good father, to sell the family cabin. He gets the surprise of a lifetime when he pulls up to said cabin early Thanksgiving week and finds a fire blazing in the hearth and a heavily pregnant Gaby Venti on the door step. Hamilton has loved Gaby for years, but Gaby’s always been a flight risk, leaving whenever things get a little too real between them. About, oh, say, 8 months ago (give or take), the two ran into each other at a business conference and indulged in a brief tryst, which ended with Hamilton never hearing from Gaby again – until now.

Hamilton’s kind of an idiot when it comes to women (seriously, his big plan to win over Gaby is to walk away from her and act cold and aloof so that she’d realized how much he loved her) and Gaby’s father’s philandering ways and her mother’s attempts to poison Gaby with her own sour grapes really did a number on Gaby’s view on men, marriage, and being tied down by either – it’s no wonder it takes a bit of holiday magic to get them together.

While the other 2 books in the collection ( A Little Bit Of Sugar and A Dash Of Spice) can be read independently of order, if you’re  going to read all 3 books in the Snowed In & Snuggled Up Holiday Collection, I recommend reading And Everything Nice last. All three books run concurrently until the time of the avalanche that leaves the couples snowed in, only And Everything Nice continues on from this point until the actual Thanksgiving celebration (That’s right – we finally get Thanksgiving dinner! Yay!) and wraps up any dangling storylines leftover from the other books.

And Everything Nice is a great, relatively- short holiday romance with a little bit of, well, everything to make it a really good holiday read: baby drama, family drama, relationship angst, and a Thanksgiving holiday celebrated with a whole lot of love in a cozy cabin on a snowy mountain – it’s a great ending story to a great holiday collection.

I loved the setting of And Everything Nice: a snowy cabin during the week leading up to Thanksgiving. In between dealing with his baby’s momma drama, Hamilton Winchester is busy cooking up a storm and preparing for the big family dinner – he even remembers the cranberries! To get into that Thanksgiving season mood while enjoying this holiday romance, I recommend Door County Coffee Cranberry Creme Flavored Coffee – a festive fall coffee flavored with the tangy, tart deliciousness of cranberries and tempered with a sweet burst of cream.

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