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Welcoming The New Year & The Importance Of Self-Care


Hey Guys! I’ve missed you <3 – Happy New Year!

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while – 2016 just kind of… fell apart on me? Or I fell apart on it would probably be more accurate. Have you ever been so overwhelmed, had so many people and responsibilities pulling at you from all directions, that you just – stop? Just say “No. Nope. That’s it. I’m done.”? Well, that’s kind of what happened to me. I pretty much isolated myself from the world, curled up with my favorite blanket (you know the one – comfy as all get out and so soft it molds around you like a hug), and took some “me” time. At the time, it just felt like I became exceptionally lazy for the last few months, but you know what?  I needed it, because I feel great now. I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to resume life.

Although it wasn’t the best of times for me, I feel I learned a valuable lesson in the importance of self-care – in whatever form you need, for however long you need. For a while I felt guilty and selfish for focusing on myself and not really doing anything productive, but then I realized: why? Why should I feel bad about needing some time to take care of myself? My mental and physical health is just as important as anyone else’s – and so is yours. Take care of yourselves guys, you’re worth it and you deserve it.

My self-care involves getting lost in good books and great coffee (also healthy doses of Netflix and YouTube) – these are things that allow me to create little moments for myself, little bubbles outside of the everyday. What about you? What’s in your self-care kit? I would love if you guys would share in the comments below just what kind of things you do to get yourselves through hard times – I think sharing great self-care tips with others who might need them would be an awesome way for us to start 2017 together!

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