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[Book Review] You’re Fired By Shaya Crabtree & Stiletto Coffee Ambition Blend

You're Fired By Shaya CrabtreeTitle: You’re Fired
Series/Universe: None
Author: Shaya Crabtree
Publisher: Ylva Publishing
Publication date: February 15th 2017
Page Count: 211 pages
Age Rating: Adult (Explicit sexual scenes, language)
How I got my hot little hands on it: Received an ARC to review
Publisher’s page: You’re Fired

When poor college student Rose Walsh gives out an inappropriate gag gift at her office Christmas party, it backfires horribly. The gift’s recipient is her boss, the esteemed president of Gio Corp., Vivian Tracey, and the only thing that can save Rose now is her smarts.

Instead of firing her, Vivian blackmails math major Rose into joining her on a business trip to New York to investigate an embezzlement. A week out of state with a woman she can barely stand seems like the last thing Rose wants to do with her winter vacation. Only, maybe Vivian is not as bad as she seems. Maybe they can even become friends…or more.

My Review

You’re Fired is a snarky, sarcasm-laden romance between Rose, a devil-may-care math major turned temporary office worker, and Vivian, her straight-laced, by-the-book boss.

Sometimes, for whatever reasons, a character just won’t gel with a reader. And that’s what happened to me with Rose. It’s not a reflection on the writing, or the story, both of which I liked and enjoyed, it’s just that I wasn’t feeling the main character. It happens sometimes.

Rose Walsh is a woman born under a lucky star, or something. She’s beautiful, hot, and smart, and everything always turns up, well, roses for her. Give your office secret Santa a sex toy, and that secret Santa turns out to be your boss? You get promoted and an all-expenses-paid trip to New York. Want to get bumped up to first class without paying for it? Just flirt with the sexiest stewardess you can find. Need to find out about the embezzlement going on behind the scenes at your job? Literally only spend minutes looking and find all the answers. Want to get in your boss’s pants, even though she’s kind of involved with someone else? Go for it, there will be no repercussions for you at all, yay!

It was a little more complicated than that, Rose does have useful math skills, but her attitude and outlook, combined with Lady Luck giving her a seemingly free pass in life, didn’t make me her biggest fan for most of the book, which was unfortunate since You’re Fired is told from her perspective. I did really like Vivian though; she was Rose’s saving grace for me. As Rose and Vivian got closer, both physically and emotionally, Rose’s personality softened just enough that I began like her a bit by the end. Rose was also good for Vivian, showing a more adventurous side to the once cold-seeming woman.

Overall, You’re Fired was a quick, not too deep, sexy office romance. While I didn’t feel an affinity for the main character, the actually storyline wasn’t bad and I did find it to be pretty witty in some parts and liked the flippant, brazen writing style, so I’d probably read more books by this author.

I love a good office romance, and I love it even more when the love interest is a sexy, sassy, classy boss like Vivian Tracey. Stiletto Coffee’s tag line is “for driven women with exquisite class and a touch of sass” and I feel like that’s a great description for Vivian, so I’m recommending Stiletto Coffee Ambition Blend – a really complex medium roast blend with a mix of citrus, chocolate, and an interesting nutty, toasty flavor – perfect for perking up and stimulating one’s senses while enduring a long, wilting day at the office.

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