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Monday Morning Coffee News

Happy Monday! A few interesting coffee things happening: Death Wish Nitro cold brew was recalled, hot coffee in a can is now available in America, and Starbucks coffee celebrates the arrival of fall with limited edition cups and new fall beverages.

Death Wish Coffee Co. has voluntarily decided to issue a recall for Death Wish Nitro Brew cold brew canned coffee. According to the safety recall notice posted on the company’s site rounds of testing with an independent process authority brought to their attention the potential for botulism growth in the product with the previous nitro brew production process being utilized. The company notes that any nitrogen-based products on the market may carry a risk of Clostridium botulinum, a pathogen that can lead to the growth and production of botulin, a deadly toxin, when present in low-acid foods sold in reduced oxygen packaging. Going forward, Death Wish Coffee is planning to add an additional step to their nitro cold brew production to prevent this kind of thing happening in the future. Although no illnesses have been reported, the manufacturer is issuing refunds and recommending customers discard all Death Wish Nitro Brew cans.

After stumbling upon hot, single-serve, ready-to-drink canned coffee while in Japan, Hotshot founder Danny Grossfeld has been determined to bring the beverage to the U.S. market. After pitching his idea on Kickstarter and Shark Tank, Grossfeld was finally able to find a private investor and bring his dream to life. Currently available on the Hotshot website, Hotshot coffee is sold in 8 oz cans with an insulated label. To heat up the cans to the “perfect HOT temperature” of 140 degrees, consumers must also purchase a “Hotbox” – a small heating unit that resembles a mini-fridge and fits up to 9 Hotshot cans. It takes about 90 minutes for a Hotshot can to reach optimal temperature (from room temp) and, once heated, the can will stay hot for approximately 20 minutes after being removed from the fridge, but only 5 minutes once the can is opened. – *adds to Christmas wishlist*

Fall is here and Starbucks is celebrating the season with two new beverages in addition to their classic Pumpkin Spice Latte (or PSL as the kids say): the Maple Pecan Latte and the Dark Mocha Frappuccino – hmmm, one of your new Fall 2017 flavors is Maple Pecan you say? Where have a seen that before…. oh, I remember. The Maple Pecan Latte, which the company points out is a new variation of the maple flavor they’ve been using for years, is a warm blend of espresso and steamed milk with notes of maple and pecan bringing out the nutty flavor of the espresso, all topped with a colorful autumn topping and available at stores in the U.S. and Asia while supplies last. The Dark Mocha Frappuccino, a blend of extra dark cocoa, coffee, milk, and ice, is described as “rich and fudgy” and is available, while supplies last, at stores in the U.S. and Canada. As another nod to the season, jewel-toned plum (tall), teal (grande) and orange (venti) hot beverage cups are available for a limited time at stores in U.S. and Canada. Each cup comes with large white dots for hand-drawn designs including a pie, an owl, or a pumpkin. (as a side note, I’ve gotten a PSL three times in the last week, twice venti and once grande, and all I’ve gotten is a big white dot. Of course, I used the drive-thru or mobile ordered for them, does that make a difference? Has anyone gotten a drawing? Feel free to share below – with pictures, if you want!)

**Reminder: This Friday is September 29th, also known as National Coffee Day, so be sure to come check out my annual list of coffee freebies and deals! 😁❤**

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