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Hazelnut Coffee Lip Scrub

Hazelnut Coffee Lip Scrub

In my search for the perfect coffee cup proof lipstick, I’ve really been getting into liquid and matte lipsticks – but they can leave my lips a bit dry. In an effort to keep my lips soft and moisturized, I’ve added lip scrubs to my beauty routine. Homemade lip scrubs are super cheap and easy to make with very little effort at all. My recent favorite is this Hazelnut Coffee Lip Scrub.Read More Hazelnut Coffee Lip Scrub

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[Book Review] Snared By Jennifer Estep & CoffeeAM Mochadoodle Flavored Coffee

Snared By Jennifer EstepIn Snared, book sixteen of the Elemental Assassin series, fearsome elemental assassin and Ashland’s underworld queen Gin Blanco’s hunt for information on the the shadowy group of criminal elites responsible for the death of her mother gets derailed by a sister’s desperate plea to find her missing sibling. Never one to do anything halfway, Gin throws all her resources, including her mixed group of talented and connected friends and family members, into the hunt for any trace of the missing young woman. Each piece of uncovered evidence brings them closer and closer to a sinister and disturbing realization – real evil exists in Ashland and there’s a body count to prove it.Read More [Book Review] Snared By Jennifer Estep & CoffeeAM Mochadoodle Flavored Coffee

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Monday Morning Coffee News

Coffee News

Happy Monday! Here’s some interesting news stories from last week featuring coffee: a recent study looked into the benefits of a good night sleep and a good cup of coffee to help manage chronic pain, researchers at Lancaster University found a way to significantly improve the efficiency of turning coffee waste into biofuel, a latte artist’s amazing creations are earning him some well deserved attention, and the brewing of the worlds tiniest cup of coffee (video).

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How To Make Coffee Infused Oil

Coffee Infused Oil

I recently made some coffee infused oil to use as an ingredient in some upcoming DIY coffee beauty items I’m planning and thought I’d share the process with you guys. Coffee infused oil is actually super easy to make – it’s literally only a 2 step process. All you need are coffee grounds (a medium roast with medium to large sized grounds works best), your desired oil, a Crock-Pot-style slow cooker, and some way to strain the coffee grounds from the oil when done.Read More How To Make Coffee Infused Oil